About me

I’m happily married to my wonderful wife, and we live in our home in a lovely inner-western suburb of Brisbane.


I currently work at Jumbo Interactive as a senior front-end developer. I work primarily on a large React & Redux web application. I also occasionally dabble in the PHP codebase, but my true love is Javascript ;).


In my spare time I like to contribute to open source projects. I wrote the redux-cache library to solve a problem we had at Jumbo. I also contributed to an interesting project related to one of my favourite video games, Player’s Unknown: Battlegrounds, called pubg.sh.

I also am working to build a product - Albert - which solves a problem I have with managing my most important personal relationships. It’s live and working and I’m now steadily chugging away at improving his feature set and marketing it to people who might also benefit from using him to strengthen their relationships.

I’m interested in the principles of FIRE and is something I’m actively working towards.